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Every time you buy our product, you show us your trust. We work hard to deserve this.

Relaks has been operating in the Polish market since 1997, joining the European consortium FEY-CO, whose experience in the production of beds and mattresses dates back to 1926. Currently, the third generation ensures that the products created in the company are made based on the latest knowledge about human rest, but also with the utmost attention to every detail. For almost a hundred years we have been operating for people and by people, employing over 500 specialists, who are constantly connected by single passion: YOUR SLEEP.

Our values

Who sleeps well has a better day. Einstein loved to sleep, he spent more than 10 hours in bed, opposite of the master Da Vinci, who slept only during short naps.

Thus, pioneers of development prove that not the amount of sleep matters, but its quality. For years, Relaks has responded to the commitment made years ago: to improve the overall quality of sleep.


Relaks’ products are completely safe for people and the environment. The company’s location, in the magnificent surroundings of National Park Bory Tucholskie, obliges us to comply with strict environmental standards and care for the environment. Using our beds and mattresses you can sleep well.

High quality

We only use high-quality materials that we trust. Choosing materials we carefully measure the softness, naturalness and durability that they provide to lift up to the highest expectations.


Apart from traditional craftsmanship, the company also relies on the latest scientific insights which are incorporated in product development. Our day-to-day business is your sleep – and it should be simply good.



Constantly improved production processes, carefully selected components and one goal – a healthy and comfortable sleep, this is how we create our mattresses.


From simple and classic upholstered beds to modern and exclusive continental beds. All this is done by blend of German technologies and Polish quality.


We also manufacture upholstered bedroom accessories that can be matched with your bed. Give your room a character!

Marine offer

Each of us should feel the taste of a real adventure at least once in a lifetime! For all lovers of water cruise we’ve designed special collection of Baltic mattresses. They consist of the highest quality flame retardant components and passed a series of tests in accordance with EU standards.

Hotel offer

We would like to introduce to you products that will meet the expectations of the most demanding hotel customers. Our main goal is to provide hotel guests with a good night’s sleep, regeneration, a smile and the desire to return to your hotel for the next night.


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